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I have lost 20 pounds with Farleys Fitness in only the first 2 months. He changed the way I eat and keeps me accountable.
Ann Buford
Farleys Fitness has changed my life. I have lost 55 pounds. He taught me how to eat what I want, and I feel great. Would recommend to everyone!
Shelly Bynum
I have lost over 20 pounds with Farleys Fitness. He will teach you how to monitor your food so you can eat what you want without restrictions.
Peter Feix


How To Eat 1400 Calories And Only Prepare One Meal EP15

I give a detailed meal plan that is only 1400 calories. Eating 4 times a day with great macros. Only preparing one meal a day.

My Fitness Pal Mistakes

Discussing the main mistakes that my clients make when using My Fitness Pal. These are easy corrections that make a huge difference in weight loss progress.  

Mini Cheesy Meatloaf

This cheesy meatloaf is really good.  It only takes around 30 minutes to make and is around 250 calories per serving.  It’s one the kids will love! Nutrition Info: Per Serving Calories=254 Protein=28 Carbs=11 Fat=11 […]

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